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Executive Coaching

I am an experienced executive coach who has worked with hundreds of people to help them achieve their desired outcomes and results. Although much of my coaching is related to leadership, I also have special expertise in several areas.

  • I work with aspiring, emerging and current leaders, introducing them to tools and skills that help them excel.
  • I work with women and men who want to increase increase self-confidence, decrease self-doubt and overcome impostor syndrome. 
  • I work with high-achieving physicians who are under pressure from human resources or professionalism complaints. 

Hear what some of my coaching clients have said about their coaching experience

Coaching is a 100% confidential process. Nobody ever knows who I am coaching, unless the client wants it to be known.  I do not ask my clients to reveal their identities for testimonials, even though I know they would gladly give them. All of the names (initials) and identifying features have been changed in these excerpts to protect my clients' privacy and confidentiality. 

Dr. R.K. 

Today was the first time I finished all my work before leaving for home! Honestly, I’d tried just about every productivity tool out there but signing up with you has been the most transformative! You taught me tools to manage my interruptions and transitions that have changed my life. I could gush on and on!

Dr. L.H. 

Dr. Hunt is an outstanding professional coach who has helped me immensely in my leadership role. Coaching with Dr. Hunt is the most meaningful investment I’ve made in myself as a leader..

Dr. K.R. 

The way you coach helped me discover that I get my best productivity from a hybrid paper and electronic approach.  But even more important, you gave me permission to accept that this is OK! 

Dr. S. H. 

When I started coaching with Dr. Hunt, I thought she would change who I was. Instead, she helped me find the parts of me that were lost and become the best version of me.

Dr. H. A. 

Dr. Hunt helped me navigate tricky politically charged situations successfully. She helped me tune into very subtle cues so I could adapt to new leaders. 

Dr. V.G.

I have been beating myself up for years about being a last minute person. Dr. Hunt asked me a very hard question that stopped me in my tracks. It helped me decide that this is actually one of my strengths and not my biggest weakness. My husband thinks she's a genius!

P. J.

I had never experienced anything like coaching before. Every time we met, my mind was blown. I have been able to start acknowledging my value. I feel more bold and confident than ever before. 

Dr. J. M. 

I made so more progress in our coaching together than I have with any other leadership development program I have ever done (and I did them all!). I learned to be strategic and plan my actions to get the best results. I've never been as successful and content as I am today.

Dr. E. J.

I was in trouble at work and had several formal complaints against me.  I knew I had to make some changes to get back on the right track. I learned so much about myself in coaching. I also practiced and implemented skills that changed the way I interact with others. It was hard work, but I'm in a good place now.

N. J. & S. A. (Team)

We just could not seem to get our communication aligned and kept getting sideways with each other. Dr. Hunt's team coaching helped us communicate with each other. We still irritate each other a little, but now we recognize it and can laugh about it together. 

B. D. 

I had such a bad case of impostor syndrome that I think I had a masters degree in it. My coaching experience opened up my mind to possibilities and new thinking. Impostor syndrome is still there, for sure. But, now I keep it in check and live with a lot more joy now. Other people have even noticed a huge difference in me.  They say I look brighter and happier. 

U. T. 

I am a very direct person and I kind of liked it that way. But, I also knew that gets me into a little trouble at work. Coaching with Dr. Hunt helped me to learn new strategies. With her help, I found ways of communicating that are still authentic, but get much better results for me.