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Keynotes and Lectures

Dr. Hunt is an inspiring speaker who engages audiences with her warm and authentic style. She custom creates her talks to fit the audience and gives them actionable tools for immediate implementation. 

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Amanda Greespon

Munck Wilson & Mandala

Dr. Hunt was a keynote speaker at our She Summit conference last year. She wowed the audience! We laughed, we cried, and then we laughed some more. My self-confidence got a boost just from hearing her story! 

Interactive Workshops

Dr. Hunt leads energizing workshops that keep the audience on their toes. She designs her content to build in opportunities for deep self-reflection and action and outcome oriented group discussion.

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Dr. Kamran Mirza,

Loyola Department of Pathology

People can't stop talking about your session. RAVE REVIEWS!!! I literally have residents stopping by my office to give feedback on how amazing that was. Thank you, Dr. Hunt!